Jan Hoeper
Portraits of Joyce

A collage portrait of Joyce

"I made this out of clippings from magazines -- I just look for the color that I need and clip it out. When possible, I try to clip out a whole picture, if it seems to pertain to the subject. Collages are lots of fun to do, because you can put in little visual puns. I find this a particularly apt medium for Joyce, since his writing is so rife with puns and allusions. Like Joyce's works, collages are fun to look at up close, and they are nice at a distance as well."

Charcoal drawing of Joyce
c. 1998.

"This sketch (charcoal on brown shipping paper) is large--about the size of a standard bulletin board. It was my first bit of Joycean art, apart from a few little sketches. I like drawing on the brown paper because you can push things back and bring things forward more easily than on white paper."

Oil portrait of Joyce

"This oil painting is about 20" by 24."  I gave it to my thesis advisor at Indiana University as a thank-you present."

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