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Just when is Earwickersnight?
Just as there is a Bloomsday for Ulysses, so there must be a date for the Wake. It has at last been determined by our own Peter Reichenberg and published in the James Joyce Quarterly. It's -- April 7, 1928. The event did not go unnoticed in London: here's the Times LIterary Supplement taking note of the discovery in a superior sort of way, with several errors regarding football that will go uncorrected...
April 7, 1928

Judd & Henry read the Wake

START THEM YOUNG...Wake Society member Judd Staley welcomes his son Henry home from the hospital with a Finnegans Wake reading.

Peter Reichenberg has Irish connections,
and on a visit to Ireland this summer was photographed in Dublin
with one of his grandchildren, and Joyce.

Not everyone knows...that we've made
at Cafe Press. We've made t-shirts for our members before; now there are lots of things, for everybody. The mark-up, please note, is 1¢ on each item, allowing Wake readers to stock up at minimal expense.

Ask for bosthoon, late for Mass, pray for blaablaablacksheep. FW301.05-06
Our 2008 wake on January 13th, Joyce's death anniversary, renamed Earwickernight in constradistinction to Bloomsday, went well despite the last-minute nature of it. And we're currently working on arrangements to meet at the Black Sheep, scene of Earwickernight, on a regular basis, which we hope will draw those who prefer a midtown venue.

Thanks to the ingenuity and scholarship of Kevin Gilroy who organized the evening, we had a great game of Wake Jeopardy, in which Peter Reichenberg walked away with the grand prize of a(nother) Wake t-shirt.

It's not our book, but ...
We're celebrating Bloomsday (June 16th) 2007
with a gathering at our new meeting place,
the Roisin Dubh pub,
for readings and drinkings. Details to come...
Read all about it:
We make the news.
Rare sighting of (possibly) Anna by her Liffey and (possibly) Humphrey with a statue of a bespectacled luminary, in Dublin, summer 2006.
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