Nine Characters in Search
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Scene I
At  the Wake

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[Room completely dark.  All actors in place behind the Panel, except for Issy (in nymphet outfit) who is perched on a high stool next to the Panel, and the Narrator (dressed as a circus barker with hat and cane), who is in front of the Panel.]

[In style of a side-show barker]
Step right up!  Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen!  See the real, the genuine, the veritible, the un-cut, the one and only - Joyce's Wake!  Step right up!  All the characters!  All the characters' characters!  Cost you only 6 cents (other shows are 5 cents but here you need your sixth sense).  Step right up! Hear the lines, the real lines, the genuine lines - right from the book!  Worth the extra cents 'cause we've got it all: a freak show: a giant! a lady made out of water! the tatoo man - with novels writ on his skin! a human egg! a mirror girl (who's the real one?)  and girls, girls, girls - 29 dancing girls!  Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen! The show is about to begin: Joyce's Wake! Finnegans Wake! Here Comes Everybody's Wake!

[sound of a party with the song Finnegan's Wake playing in the background]

Anna Livia Plurabelle:
[Wailing loudly over the background sounds] 
Macool, Macool, orra whyi deed ye diie?

[other sounds fade as thunder sound starts softly, continues during thunderword, gets louder and then very loud after thunderword finishes and then stops abruptly]


[all actors' heads through the Panel; lights on]

Welcome, my friends - to Joyce's Wake!

   [end of Scene I]

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