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Tristan & Isolde

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 [resuming the story-telling style]
Remember the Celtic legend of Dermot and
Grania, the promised bride of the old Finn Macool; also the Irish tragedy of Tristan and Isolde, the betrothed of old King Mark; or the romance of Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere, wife of the aging King Arthur.

 The young young youngest, the old old oldest [472.35-36] - the oldest song in the
wooed, woodworld. [189.23-24]

The young ones want the young ones - and don't rule out their own sisters.

But the old one wants the young one too - and doesn't rule out his own daughter!

Well she doesn't rule out her own father!

 That's our Issy! a strapping modern old ancient Irish prisscess, nothing under her
hat but red hair and solid ivory, (now you know it's true in your hardup hearts!) and a firstclass pair of bedroom eyes, (how weak we are, one and all!) [396.7-12]

[lustfully] a young sourceress! [251.12]

[apologetically] Childs will be wilds. 'Twastold. And vamp, vamp, vamp, the girls
are merchand. [246.21-22]

[teasingly] Alicious through alluring glass or alas in jumboland? Ding dong!
  Think of a maiden, Presentacion. Double her, Annupciacion. Take your first thoughts away from her, Immacolacion. Knock and it shall appall unto you! [528.17-25]

The desired object of her father and [pause] her warring brothers, Shem and
Shaun. [3rd Census]

For these are not on terms, they twain, since Adam Leftus and the devil took our hindmost, gegifting me with his painapple. In fight to no finish, that dark deed doer, this wellwilled wooer, Jerkoff and Eatsoup, Yem or Yan, while felix is who culpas does and harm's worth healing. [246.26-32]

[eyes and mouth wide open] Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It's driving me dafft like he's so dumnb. If he'd lonely talk instead of only gawk.
  Hee. Speak, sweety bird! Mitzymitzy! [225.17-21]

[blustering] Brawn is my name and broad is my nature and I've breit on my brow
and all's right with every feature and I'll brune this bird or Brown Bess's bung's gone bandy. [187.24-26]

Naif Cruachen! Woe on Woe. Woman will water the wild world over! [526.20-21]

Like Eve. . .

As Anna Livia. . .

 And Issy. . .

She's becoming Isolde. . .

They war loving, they love laughing, they laugh weeping, they weep smelling,
they smell smiling, they smile hating, they hate thinking, they think feeling, they feel tempting, they tempt daring, they dare waiting, they wait taking, they take thanking, they thank seeking, as born for lorn in lore of love to live and wive by wile. [142.30-143.2]

Pity the old self Isolde was promised to. Now a younger's there. [627.6] The
hero, the Gaelic champion the onliest one of her choice. [384.23-26]

[gushing] Tristan! My hero! my bleaueyedeal of a girl's friend, neither bigugly
nor smallnice. [384.23-26]

Meaning pretty much everything to her then, with his sinister dexterity, light and
rufthandling, the brueburnt sexfutter, handson and huntsem. That was palpably wrong and bulbubly improper, and cuddling her and kissing her, [in the style of a fashion show narrator] tootyfay charmaunt, in her ensemble of maidenna blue, with an overdress of net, tickled with goldies. [384.23-33]

[with sugary sighing reminiscence] Isolamisola, whisping and lisping about her
Trisolanisans, how one was whips for one was two and two was lips for one was three. [384.23-33]

[sarcastically] Luvillicit, though not too much. [385.25]

The new world presses. Where the old conk cruised now croons the yunk.

Could you blame her, we're saying, for one psocoldlogical moment? What would
Ewe do? With that so tiresome old milkless a ram? [396.6-15]

[music - The Love Death from Tristan and Isolde starting softly and growing during the following speech and continuing a few moments after as lights fade to dark]

[solemnly] Down to death and the love embrace, [398.10] Hear, O hear, Iseult la
belle! Tristan, sad hero, hear! [398.29]

[end of Scene IV]

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